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Festive Seasons Wishes 2020

30 September 2020

For immediate release

Chenosis partners with EDGE Evolve on e-health APIs

In the context of the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chenosis is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with EDGE Evolve offering eMed hospital management suite of Application Programming Interface (APIs). The first APIs to be made available will be much needed “Patient Management” APIs.

The longer the virus persists, the higher the likelihood becomes of a momentous shift in consumer and provider adoption of e-health solutions, possibly becoming normative in a post-COVID era. This, in turn, could lead to the emergence of a new wave of bold e-health solutions and a rapid evolution of e-health capabilities and user uptake.1

EDGE Evolve is such a company which provides eMed Hospital Management Systems that aids in the managerial and administrative operations of small to large- scale healthcare institutions. This provides error-free data that supports effective decision making, enhancing operational efficiencies while reducing operating costs.

“The COVID-19 pandemic as a global health and societal emergency requires bold and innovative solutions by governments, individuals and health care providers alike. It is through partnerships with companies like EDGE Evolve that the healthcare systems and the efficiency of the entire patient care life-cycle can be improved,”says Charles Molapisi, MTN Group Chief Technology and Information Officer – leading the Chenosis venture.

“Chenosis, Africa’s first cross-industry API marketplace, is open for multiple sectors to publish a diverse range of API’s, which in turn can be purchased, all on a single platform. Now it has become easier than ever before to publish API’s so that others can in turn, discover and consume them,” he added.

Patient-centric APIs are essential to improving the mortality of the human race. Existing EHR/EMR and EPR 2 systems can now be transformed and aggregated into more patient-centric systems by using APIs which will help modern application developers build innovative healthcare products and applications. APIs are seen as the digital connectors in today’s platform-centric business world.3

“We are excited to start this new journey with Chenosis and to jointly grow our footprint into the pan-African market. Our goal is to have our products and API’s reach the maximum number of consumers on the continent. In doing so, we will assist in the digital transformation of their businesses. Our brand’s mission statement is “connecting people to their aspiration” and with Chenosis, we are truly living up to this expectation,” says Manny Morreira, EDGE Evolve CEO.

EDGE Evolve e-Med platform provides a range of services from Patient Registration to Stock Management to Bed Management to Critical Care System with the hopes of improving customer and patient care as well as maintaining strict control over procurement efficiencies, administration, cost and profitability.

The Patient Management module is the heart and soul of the EDGE Evolve’s eMed system. All medical details relating to the patient’s care can be captured and stored here, in a secure encrypted electronic format. A unique patient number is automatically generated for each patient. Multi criteria search for patients on the database is catered for.

Chenosis is open to all mobile network operators, fintech start-ups, payment service providers, mobile wallet operators, financial service providers, and more. Now, searching for a variety of API’s has become simpler, as Chenosis offers a diverse range of API products from across the continent.

Developers can get started by exploring the Chenosis Marketplace at


About Chenosis

Chenosis is a cross-industry API marketplace that enables developers, entrepreneurs and businesses to come together to create, discover and subscribe to the fastest growing library of open APIs. The unique marketplace opens the door to opportunities for Africa’s talent to create, distribute and monetise their intellectual property as well as give global developers and businesses the ability to easily discover the APIs they need.

About EDGE Evolve

Founded in 2002, EDGE Evolve is a dynamic, multi-cultured, humble and caring group of people spanning across 14 countries in Africa and the Middle East. EDGE Evolve is passionate about our people, technology and innovation. Excited about incubating and growing business sustainably, both on the African continent and globally.

  2. Terminology: Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

South African Company
EDGE Evolve Expands to Dubai

Edge Evolve Establishes A Presence In The Middle East And North Africa

Release Date:
28 September 2020

Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2020

South African Company EDGE Evolve Group expands to Dubai. EDGE Evolve has opened offices in Dubai and provides its full complement of services to this region – Middle East, and North Africa.

The EDGE Evolve Group (EDGE Evolve) was founded in 2002 and has grown to more than 150 employees. With an ambition to grow beyond South Africa, EDGE Evolve had expanded its footprint by establishing offices in Lebanon and Egypt in 2018 and by creating a partner network to cover the Middle East and Africa region. To further establish its presence and support the initiatives in the UAE & Globally, the Dubai office is key.

EDGE Evolve Chairman – Yusuf Salejee explains: “The diversification of our business is key to our sustainability, the move to Dubai supports this strategy. Becoming a global player in our niche practices will ensure the sustainability of our business”

EDGE Evolve CEO – Manny Moreira explains “With the expansion of our reach into Africa and the Middle East it was a natural progression to open offices in Dubai as well. South African companies provide superior services and strong work ethic, which attracts customers in these regions”

Wissam Saleh will be at the helm of the new offices in Dubai as Managing Director of EDGE Evolve in this region. With more than 13 years in the ICT business serving enterprise customers across the Middle East and Africa region, Wissam has played a strategic role in the expansion plans for EDGE Evolve and continues to run with this exciting journey.

About EDGE Evolve

EDGE Evolve lives by its vision of connecting people to their aspirations through technology, the key strategy for growth is through partnerships and has served the company well. EDGE Evolve has the following practices which will be a natural extension in EDGE Evolve MENA, Professional Services, Data Management, Managed Cloud Services, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security & Revenue Assurance.