About EDGE Evolve

The essence of the EDGE Evolve group can be captured by looking at our Ethos, Mission, Vision and How we achieve them.


Edge Evolve is a dynamic, multi-cultured, humble and caring group of people. We are passionate about our people, technology and innovation. Excited about incubating and growing business sustainably, both on the African continent and globally.


Connecting people to their aspirations

We strive to connect our customers, staff and shareholders to there aspirations


Empower people through Technology


We combine a strong entrepreneurial business culture with a tried and tested business incubation model; which in turn:

  • Gives life to new concepts, ideas, technologies and solutions
  • Enabling innovative solutions and services for our customers
  • While creating jobs, nurturing careers and enabling ownership

Meet Our Team

Y. Salejee

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M. Moreira

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A. Klaasen

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J. Watson

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M. Ackerman

Head Compliance
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F. Jordaan

Data Management
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H. Badenhorst

Data Management
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W. Saleh

Managed Cloud Services
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