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Our Practices

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Professional Services

This includes IT Advisory, Project Delivery Service and Labor Augmentation

Data Management

Enterprise Information Management Strategic Services, Business Intelligence, Analytics & Big Data Services, Data Integration Management Services, Data Quality Management Services.

Managed Cloud Services

Oracle , Azure and
AWS Cloud Services

Customer Relationship Management

Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management CRM advisory, implementation and support services. Fraud detection and prevention services, Journey to the Cloud – advisory services, Training Services – TTT and End User - Content Development and Training Facilitation services

Cyber Security

Ensure that your company understand and is protected against all IT Security threats across all landscapes. We secure companies across many verticals using our key experience and skills in cyber security, threat mitigation and risk.
Our Goal

To grow products, services and technologies that are geared towards excellence
Our Purpose

Growth through Partnership
Our Vision

Connecting people to their aspirations through technology
Our Success

Our success is grounded in the dynamic, innovative and challenging environment created for
our staff, stakeholders and partners alike
Our Set of Strategic Priorities

Revenue growth Improving profitability Transform the customer experience
Employee excellence

Our Growth Areas

Cloud Services

Payment Solutions

Data Analytics

Cyber Security

Our Social Development Goals

These are social development goals set by the United Nations that they would like to achieve by 2030. EDGE Evolve proudly supports these goals.

No Poverty

By 2030, reduce at least by half the proportion of men, women and children of all ages living in poverty in all its dimensions according to national definitions.

Zero Hunger

By 2030, ensure sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that increase productivity and production, that help maintain ecosystems, that strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change, extreme weather, drought, flooding and other disasters and that progressively improve equality.

Good Health and Well Being

By 2030, ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services, including for family planning, information and education, and the integration of reproductive health into national strategies and programmes.

Quality Education

By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and preprimary education so that they are ready for primary education.
By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

Gender Equality

Enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology, to promote the empowerment of women.
Adopt and strengthen sound policies and enforceable legislation for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls at all levels.

Partners for the Goals

Fully operationalize the technology bank and science, technology and innovation capacity-building mechanism for least developed countries by 2017 and enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology.
Promote the development, transfer, dissemination and diffusion of environmentally sound technologies to developing countries on favorable terms, including on concessional and preferential terms, as mutually agreed.

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